About Us

About Us

Innovate. Build. Transform

In 1983, Renucorp sprouted from Renuka Sales, laying the foundation for a legacy synonymous with trust. Over the past four decades, our journey has evolved, fueled by the visionary resolve of Mr. Dilip Wankhade. With a mission to bridge the gap in bank security, Renucorp emerged, committed to a positive global impact. This page unveils our rich history through a compelling image collage, capturing pivotal moments, projects, and milestones. From inception, our unwavering commitment to credibility has shaped our legacy, fostering enduring relationships and transforming our vision into a trusted reality.

About Us

Bridging Aspirations to Reality

Our Vision

Crafting a Global Legacy: Renucorp envisions a world where innovation, trust, and positive impact converge seamlessly across our diverse spectrum of services. From revolutionizing bank security to shaping contemporary landscapes in interior design, furniture manufacturing, and civil construction, our vision is to be a pioneering force, setting new standards of excellence in every sector we touch.

Our Mission

At Renucorp, our mission is to redefine possibilities across our five pillars of diverse expertise. We commit to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transcend industry norms in bank security, interior design, furniture manufacturing, and civil construction. Our unwavering dedication to ethical practices and societal contributions propels us to shape a legacy of trust, integrity, and transformative global influence. Join us on this journey as we pioneer advancements, foster enduring relationships, and transform our vision into a trusted reality across a multitude of sectors

Our Team

Meet our Management

Vaibhav Vankhade

Managing Director

Agneya Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

Tommy Burgs



Renucorp Today

Renucorp Today

Embark on a journey through Renucorp’s contemporary landscape, now a global conglomerate with a footprint across diverse industries. Our commitment extends beyond business success, emphasizing ethical practices and societal contributions. A conglomerate comprising subsidiaries in bank security, interior design, furniture manufacturing, and civil construction, Renucorp stands as a beacon of excellence. This page invites you to explore our multifaceted impact through an image gallery showcasing key projects and cutting-edge products, underscoring our dedication to delivering unparalleled value and fostering positive change globally.

Founder's Vision

Delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Vaibhav Wankhade, the driving force behind Renucorp. Leading as the founder and MD, he seamlessly carries forward his father’s legacy, steering the company towards new heights. Simultaneously, as a director at Superb Group, he spearheads initiatives like the Yogakshema Residency project, embodying leadership in community development. This page captures the essence of his dynamic contributions, illustrated through an image collage showcasing his leadership in action, both within Renucorp and in community engagement, setting a trajectory for an impactful and sustainable future.

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Integrity, Social Responsibility and
Sustainable Practices

Corporate Governance

Renucorp prides itself on a strong commitment to corporate governance, with a track record of ethical business practices since 1983.

We balance the economic, social, and ecological aspects of our operations, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainable business.

Upholding principles of integrity and honesty, our corporate culture centers on ethical conduct in every facet of our business dealings.

Our corporate governance model is represented visually, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between economic success, social responsibility, and ecological sustainability.

This approach defines our purpose, influencing positive impacts in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Accompanying visuals showcase responsible business practices, providing a tangible representation of our commitment to transparency, ethics, and contributing to a sustainable future.

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