CSR Initiatives

Founded in 2012 by Mr. Diliprao Wankhade, The Seva Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha (SBS) stands as Renucorp’s dedicated CSR vertical. Inspired by a college-era commitment to social service, Mr. Wankhade envisioned SBS as a platform to give back to society. SBS, an integral part of Renucorp’s ethos, is committed to uplifting communities through impactful initiatives. From education and healthcare to environmental sustainability, SBS embodies Renucorp’s dedication to making a positive and enduring impact on the lives of those in need.

As part of our environmental commitment, our team annually plants 50,000 trees nationwide. We go a step further by installing protective tree guards to ensure the longevity and well-being of these green companions.

Embracing eco-friendly celebrations, our campaigns, programs, and conferences inspire communities to adopt more sustainable practices during festive seasons, contributing to a healthier planet.

Empowering the future, we've sponsored 211 underprivileged yet talented students from 14 schools. This initiative provides necessary classroom supplies for a year, fostering a conducive learning environment.

Nurturing passion and talent, we consistently donate sports equipment and accessories to schools and sports institutes, encouraging and supporting the growth of our nation's aspiring athletes.

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